TorrentFreak: Brazilian Court Bans P2P Software

After an earlier decision failed to reach its objective, this week a Brazilian court made an unprecedented ruling against file-sharing clients

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TorrentFreak: Brazilian Court Bans P2P Software


2009 shut down the internet:
Ok the solution shut down the internet cause everyone is assisting with copyright infringement+ shut-down all car makers gun manufacturers and knife suppliers. Ah to hell with it lets nuke the whole feckin world and start again cause this is getting ridiculous.

2009 Nobby:
Will they be banning email, msn messenger, yahoo messenger, the postal service etc ?
Stupidest ruling ever, totally impractical and clearly made by someone who has no clue about the internet, or much else for that matter.

2009 Anonymous:
Oh no, they will ban E-Mails, Instant Messengers and Chat Clients.
Oh probably the next ban first goes to kitchen knifes, those things are dangerous, even if you can use them as supplement, EVERY MURDERER uses them.

2009 Viktor:
oh man, ban the INTERNET because it ALLOWS you to download illegal content!!!! or JUST ban EVERY WEBSERVER coz it ALLOWS admins to share illegal content!!!!! SO FCKING MISERABLE.

seriously, things like this is just lame, wtf man, photoshop is responsible of millions of copyright infringements a week, optimizing and croping photos from the internet that has a copyright on them, and then the edited pix are published on some blog somwhere, should we illegalize a well-know-picture editor as well, its like banning a car manufacturer for creating something that can be used for breaking a speed limit, as been mentioned before.... so lame, the suits in brazil are retards, think deep before ruling on something like this....

every time you visit a website, copyright infringement has taken place as for your cache stores a copy of the web page in it. How about ban web browsers + cell phones + computers as for they can all share/infringe & do it more often than not regardless of intent.

2009 Anon:
A website links to P2P software for profit. Since it is assisting users infringe on copyrights its illegal..
As others have said, manufacturers of guns, cars, knives should all be targeted for their role in murder. Alcohol as well.
But not only them. What about the stores that sell them? This lawsuit is like going after Wal-Mart for selling kitchen knives after a murder, but not even attempting to go after the company that made the knives. Don´t hit the source, hit the middleman! :P Real smart, brazil.
Whats next? Banks being targeted for credit card theft because they are associated with the crime? Seriously...
The more they try to stop P2P, the easier it is for people to get illegal files because p2p programs that aren´t being targeted learn and go further under the radar with more security measures.